Sunday, July 11, 2010

That's a lot of pricey Lemonade!

Remember back in the day when Gucci became a huge trend? Up to that point, it had been an iconic fashion house for decades, catering to the fashion elite. In the late 80's, everyone young and old, hip and not were rockin the double G monogram and drowned themselves in the eau de toilette. Brands were so big in the 80's, and Gucci was swept up in the mania! Luckily, it's died down but those days are making a come back!

Just last month, Gucci introduced it's kids line. All the cache of Gucci's refined sophistication in condensed form. The kids line, complete with pieces featuring the Gucci iconic pattern and familiar green and red colour combo arrive in November and the yet to be unveiled Baby line will come out Spring 2011. Stay tuned!

Will this new kids line bring back it's mainstream appeal? Doubtful since, this line will still be for those little fashionistas with deep, deep pockets. On second thought, if you charge enough at your lemonade stand and blame it on inflation, a pair of double G gumboots may be in your future!

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