Friday, July 30, 2010

Street Cred starting at $19.99

Sneakers, runners, trainers, kicks, whatever your lingo, athletic shoes have become a fashion culture onto its own. Like many mainstream fashions, sneaker style was cultivated on the streets and permeated pop culture through big name athletes and high profile musicians pimpin’ them like nobody's business.

Now a trip down memory lane…

I remember my first pair of certified ‘kicks’ were the first Nike Air Max. The Beatle’s ‘Revolution’ became the new theme for Nike’s latest creation in the mid 80s – the somewhat gimmicky Air pocket ( With athletes on board, big production ads and media spends, the public didn’t stand a chance. My second pair of sneaks were one of the most coveted shoes ever (not to brag or anything). A black pair of Air Jordan IV. At the time, Jordan’s were unavailable in Canada, and black was almost impossible to find. Smuggled across the border, I was the envy of every baller despite having a j-shot that tended to drift left. Well that’s the way I remember it and I think that is why runners are so loved by sneaker heads. They help us relive our glory days. When the world was still our oyster! Sadly, we discovered a thing called ‘bills’ and ‘9-to-5’ that destroyed all that was good and pure in the world.

Now that I have a baby baller, I wonder if he’ll inherit my love? I don’t think he has a say – yes I’ve turned into one of THOSE parents.

Here is our top iconic kicks to get the love started in your budding sneaker head. All of these runners usually pop up in the kids section of stores across the globe through out the year in various colour ways. So keep a look out!

1) Nike Air Max I. Retro

The ‘Retro’ production run with the original colours will no doubt bring back 80’s flashbacks…welcomed or not. This shoe changed everything with its ‘Air’ sole and started the high end sneaker rage. $100 sneakers were unheard of back then.

2/3) Converse Chuck Taylor and Jack Purcell

Chuck Taylors may have been the original athletic shoe that was the precursor to the modern day high performance shoe. Given its originator status, this shoe enjoys legend status and huge mainstream popularity. Classic looks and affordability doesn’t hurt either. Jack Purcell’s, a less known Converse classic but one that cannot be denied. A little more refined than the Chuck’s, the happy face toe bump is instantly recognizable to any hard-core sneaker connoisseur.

4) Vans Checker Slip On Skate Shoe

Introduced in the mid 60’s when skate culture was still searching for it's bad self, Van’s became wildly popular in the 80’s and have become so again - love the simplicity and the kitschy vibe these shoes radiate.

5) Nike Dunks High

One of the most popular shoes in the world amongst street savvy fashionistas. If you need a shoe that holds its street credibility for baby, check out Dunk’s. Because of its popularity and collectability, Nike produces this model in every possible colour combination. Great for when you have to match a killer tracksuit. Comes in High and Low variants.

6) Adidas Superstar

Like any iconic piece of design, this shoe has stood the test of time and still looks sharp as a tack. Introduced at the end of the 60’s and made hugely popular by Run DMC and later Missy E, Superstars have never really fallen out of demand. Like the Dunks for Nike, this shoe is one of Adidas’ bread and butter models and infinite colour ways are being constantly introduced. If you can get your hands on a pair of Consortium Adidas versions, do it! Extremely rare and made with primo materials and paint.

7) Air Jordan III

Where were you when MJ took off from the free throw line, hung in the Air and slammed it home to win his second Slam Dunk title? Gotta dig nostalgia! He wore a pair of these that night and solidified his line of shoes as one of the most iconic sneakers ever. This shoe introduced the freshly minted visible Air sole and the street inspired, ‘Cement’ finish ‘leather’ which is probably one of the most copied textures in sneaker culture. This pair belongs to the boy and hoping he uses them to start working on his jumper… preferably one that doesn’t drift left or right.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

That's a lot of pricey Lemonade!

Remember back in the day when Gucci became a huge trend? Up to that point, it had been an iconic fashion house for decades, catering to the fashion elite. In the late 80's, everyone young and old, hip and not were rockin the double G monogram and drowned themselves in the eau de toilette. Brands were so big in the 80's, and Gucci was swept up in the mania! Luckily, it's died down but those days are making a come back!

Just last month, Gucci introduced it's kids line. All the cache of Gucci's refined sophistication in condensed form. The kids line, complete with pieces featuring the Gucci iconic pattern and familiar green and red colour combo arrive in November and the yet to be unveiled Baby line will come out Spring 2011. Stay tuned!

Will this new kids line bring back it's mainstream appeal? Doubtful since, this line will still be for those little fashionistas with deep, deep pockets. On second thought, if you charge enough at your lemonade stand and blame it on inflation, a pair of double G gumboots may be in your future!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Culture Club'n

If you're like us, you love to travel. The richness in the world's cultures is awe inspiring and when you can experience it translate into food, art, and fashion - well the world seems to be a pretty darn cool place to be. We whole heartedly embrace the contrasting styles, colours and textures of fashion around the world and that is why we fell in love with Tea. A baby/kids clothing line that is inspired by the cultures of the world.

Based in San Francisco, one of the most amazing, culturally diverse cities in the world, Tea tailors clothes that are simple and clean yet heavily influenced by their travels. Lovely patterns and textures combined with unique cuts from local fashions make this brand endearing for the traveler at heart. Teaching kids to embrace cultural diversity rather than merely 'tolerating' it, is one lesson we will champion right alongside Tea!

On top of great design, Tea donates part of their profits to The Global Fund for Children ( Supporting such a mindful and responsible company never looked so good and HUGE karma points to boot!

Tea is available at more than 400 stores including Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Takashimaya, and fine shops around the world. You can also check them out online at

Friday, April 23, 2010

What's in the Nose?

Finger in the Nose! An amazing line for the mini rock-star! The esthetic of this line is unmistakeable. Influenced heavily by rock n' roll culture, many of the pieces are reminiscent of 80's punk and glam, yet have a updated, tailored look. Not only does Finger in the Nose have the look down, it's made with high quality materials so they outlast your little one.

Its refreshing to find a brand that gets the design and look right and not just offer a pale rendition of 'trendy' fashions. It just feels authentic! Based in Paris, their items are available online at

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We're huge fans of Stella McCartney, especially when she collaborates with other great brands that deliver her unique designs for kids! Her LeSport Sac kids bags were amazing and now she has teamed up with Gap Kids and Baby Gap to offer a line she feels fills the void between the high end and low end. “Some expensive labels are too conservative and twee, and the cheaper stuff is a little less classy and tasteful.” We identify with her assessment whole heartedly!

Ranging from cashmere blankets for newborns to punk rock inspired tee's for toddlers, her line is unmistakably the handy work of a designer with a unique point of view and mod style.

Available in Canada, US, UK, France and Japan.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Average? Not This Joe.

We usually don’t like to play favourites, but when it comes to style and affordability, Joe Fresh Style without question takes the cake. This comes as no surprise when the man behind it all, Joseph Mimran, is also responsible for the very successful (and might we add, Canadian) retailers Alfred Sung, Club Monaco, and Caban. The line features everything from faux fur coats and scarves to sweatpants (is that you, Alexander Wang?) along with a whole slew of fantastic accessories. To make matters simple we will just say this: we love Joe Fresh. And you should too!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Knits and Sheer...or is it Sheer and Knit?

Up and comer Angela Chen did not disappoint! Orange NYC's show was simply amazing. Oversized knits combined with sheer neutrals made for great texturing and gave the collection that 'feel my fabric' quality everyone yearns for. We're fans because of her minimalist approach to design. The simple lines and wearability of Angela's style is beyond appealing. The mini, mini is a bold statement for fall (We'll assume she's designing for her fellow Vancouverites) Orange NYC is understated yet has a young and progressive feel. Young moms who still want a bit of edge yet desire a sense of refinement and sophistication look no further!